5 ways to remove smoke smell from house

We have found the 5 best ways to remove smoke smell from the house, furniture, and anything that is contained in your house. Cigarette smoke can dig itself deep into the walls, furniture, and even air vents of your house. The smell that is left behind by cigarettes can be awful but luckily there are numerous ways to remove smoke smell from your house.


These techniques work great on eliminating odors such as…

  • Cigarette Smells
  • Dog Odors
  • Cat Odors
  • Marijuana (Weed) Odors
  • Food Odors


Remove Smell From a Single Room?

If you just need to remove smoke smell in a small room then it would be best to use sprays such as Ozium.(link to Ozium on Amazon) If you need a solution right away then try spraying vinegar in the air to help neutralize the smell.

What you should do first

  • Replace all furnace filters in the house with new ones.
  • Clean the Walls with safe wall cleaning supplies. Sometimes you might have to repaint the walls with an odor-killing primer if the smell is really bad.
  • Wash all clothes, bed sheets, and any other fabrics offsite.
  • Take down all curtains and any other fabrics to get them ready for cleaning.
  • If you don’t already have a bunch of Cleaning Rags then now would be a good time to get some.

Remove smoke smell from house with a Duster

Dust everything you see in your house, from the ceiling fans to the top of your window seals. You’ll be surprised where you’ll find the smoke dust lays within your house.

Dust everything that moves air too. This goes for the insides of your computer, ceiling fans, and even your Blu-Ray player can hide some of the cigarette dust.

When you dust its best to use a duster that sucks up the dust instead of re-spreading the dust back into the room.


Remove smoke smell from house with an Ozone Generator

You can pick up Ozone generators for cheap and they seem to work the best for any bad odors you’ll run into.

An Ozone Generator works by oxidizing the bad odor which neutralizes it and keeps it from coming back. Ozone Generators can get into places that you can not reach such as the vent system in your house. It may take a couple of days for the Ozone generator to do its thing and its advised that you don’t breathe in Ozone.

Just plug in the Ozone Generator into the wall and close off the room and let it run. Come back in and unplug the Ozone Generator and allow the room to dissipate any Ozone that is left behind by opening a window before entering the room again.

***Make sure you follow the directions on the Ozone Generators for the best results and safety.

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Remove smoke smell from house with a Steam Cleaner

Using the power of steam can clean almost anything especially remove the smoke smell from your house. All hard surfaces in your house can develop a layer of smoke on them which can not be removed unless you have a Steam Cleaner.

The Steam will not only remove the layer of cigarette grime but also disinfect all surfaces too. A steam cleaner is a great tool to have around the house for all life’s messes and not just for smoke smells.

Just a single pass of the Steam Cleaner on the surface you want to clean and a wipe dry with a cotton rag will clean any surface to perfection.

You want to Steam Clean all linens, rugs, and any fabric in your house. It might be best to clean away from the house to keep the smell from coming back in.

Rent or Buy a Steam Cleaner/Rug Doctor for your carpet. The carpet will be the number one place for the cigarette smoke to linger. If you have hardwood or vinyl floors just steam clean and wipe dry.


Use Odor Foggers to remove smoke smell from house

Just like how Ozone Generator can get into all the hard to reach places of your house, Odor Foggers can reach these hard to reach places too.

Odor Foggers allow you to bomb your house with a spray that pours out and finds all the odor and eliminates it. You’ll need to let the fogger do its thing for several hours and once you return you’ll need to air out your house for a few more hours too.

***Make sure you follow the directions on the foggers for the best results and safety.


After you have gone through all these steps you can pick up a bottle of Odoban which you can spray on anything to help get the spots you miss will performing the other steps.

Odoban can be sprayed on all your fabrics to help further kill any cigarette smoke that still hangs deep in the furniture.


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5 ways to remove smoke smell from house